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Alright the web chat was so great… EXCEPT.. somehow the forces of nature and God decided that I wasn’t worthy of sitting in on the chat in its entirety and the internet connection was sabotaged. It was cloudy yesterday so I’m going with that.
Anyhow.. Aida Mollenkamp was so knowledgeable and sweet and answered 3 of my questions – which not to put anybody down who participated – but I thought were really great questions! Too bad that’s all I could get in…. ugh.

You can view the whole chat by clicking HERE: (password: California)

To read my short report about the contest and Aida, click HERE.

Thanks for reading! (35 of you thought I was read-worthy yesterday, for me, that’s incredible! haha. Thank you!)

enjoy your meals…


asking aida

I’m in the live chat as I type and she’s already answered 2 of my questions. πŸ™‚

crawfish boil of the century

As some of you cultured Southerners would know, its crawfish season. In Texas, I know they had the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring through weekends in April. And… people would throw crawfish boils at their houses or whatever. Well, I haven’t seen a crawfish in like 4 years… none in Nashville and they don’t know what the hell a crawfish is in Chicago. (Sad). So when my sister-in-law told me her best friend is straight from the bayou in Louisiana and she throws a crawfish boil almost every year, Shayne and I pretty much decided we were going. Before we were invited. Crawfish, crawdads, whatever you want to label these pain-in-the-asses, they are a down-home treat. The lovely lady, Tonya and her husband, Chris had the crawfish shipped to Orlando from the Gulf. It was uh-mazing. And I am a big fan of the spicier, the better… for when you suck the juice out of the head cavity… πŸ™‚

The set up was just grab as many as you want and the batches just kept comin’. We all crowded around a wooden table and grabbed, nabbed and peeled crawfish the whole afternoon. Thank you Tonya & Chris for an awesome day and yummy eats!

…enjoy your crawfish while they last!

the video aftermath

In the wake of the little-video-that-could, cmyfood is doing well! No serious backlash.. so I think it’s official. More videos to come! I figured out how to shoot it, upload it and finally embed it into the blog posts so, home free! But the videos have to be super short. It literally took me 2 hours to get that p-o-s uploaded. 😦 Anyone offer suggestions with that? (Website….. or… something?)

We survived another night of spin class. My butt is hurting from the inside out (muscles that is…..) but we can actually finish a whole one hour class without stopping! Our first night we both stopped a couple times and almost fell off the bike. Only thing is… spin is during dinner time. 😦 We’ve opted to eat before but that makes me crampy and sick as I’m cycling. So now we eat after. Which is probably for the best… You’re not supposed to eat before you workout, right?

I went to Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market again yesterday on my way home from the meat market where we go to get our dog’s food and bought more great yellowish tomatoes, couple of red ones, a jalapeno and some other yummy produce.

As I was perusing the aisles… I was dreaming of a juicy stuffed tomato… kinda salty, kinda sweet, kinda spicy…..

And made these! Served with a skinny slab of veal and rice pilaf with pecans. But, I ended up pushing the veal to the side.

Fresher than a Farmer’s Market Stuffed Tomatoes
(give everything a small dice)
2 yellow tomatoes (or get a really ugly heirloom), tops cut off and insides removed and diced
1 red tomato
1 jalapeno (use 1/2 if you must)
1/4 sweet onion
1 (small) cucumber
1 avocado
juice of 1/2 a navel orange
juice of 1/2 a lime
generous drizzle of honey (I don’t know? 2 tablespoons?)
2 tablespoons olive oil
s+p to taste

In a mixing bowl, combine the red tomato, onion, jalapeno and cucumber with citrus juices, olive oil and salt and pepper, let marinade in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Go to spin class and upon return, dice the avocado and toss with honey. Shove a heaping mound of the produce medley in the hollowed yellow tomatoes and marvel at how gorgeous they are. Then enjoy. πŸ™‚

As I was inhaling this, I was telling Shayne mid-bite how many different ways we could serve this in the future. “Veggie tacos!” “On top of fish!” Β Which in hindsight, I would’ve rather served with fish but… whatevs. We’ll get ’em next time.

Like my *new* rectangular plate? πŸ™‚ TJMAXX – $3.00!

Today I start a baking marathon. For the next 3 hours I will be whipping up 2 dozen chocolate chip and pecan cookies and a red velvet cake for a crawfish boil this weekend (SO EXCITED!). Its a good day to have a KitchenAid Mixer. πŸ˜‰

enjoy your meals…


video killed the blog

I don’t want to scare off the 12 consistent readers I actually have going right now but I made a video..
Well, more like an introduction… I’ll get into the good stuff like prepping and showing off my sad kitchen later. Our kitchen was an absolute disaster when I shot this so I am leaning on my cutting board that is on our kitchen table (ugh, so ashamed to call myself a cook..) however, I wanted to try out this blog’s video potential. πŸ™‚

I saw a recipe for BL(FG)T -Bacon, Lettuce (Fried Green) Tomato sliders on Rachael Ray’s daytime show. ‘Cuz ya know.. I’m all unemployed and stuff and I get to watch her show now………. So she fried up the tomatoes and put them on mini burgers with a sour cream and chive sauce. Looked pretty good and super amateur. Only problem is we’re like trying to be healthy and all… and go to the gym and whatnot but I have this weird feeling that sometimes you just feel like a burger… I dont know. Call me crazy. (and then the get the I-hate-myself feeling after you EAT the burger sets in. So.. there’s the conundrum).

Shayne got the burger fever yesterday and wanted me to fix them. And I confess, I LOVE fried green tomatoes. Even yellowish/lime greenish ones. But on a burger? Eeesh. I don’t know. The final verdict? = way greasy and ridiculously messy but the tang of the sour cream and tomato was refreshing in a salty, deep-fried kinda way. I would just have liked the tomato and sauce. The burger made my tummy hurt… (big surprise…)

..Hmm.. what to do with leftover chives and half used lemon? Ta da!

Without further annoyance… HELLO HANDFUL OF READERS!!!! πŸ™‚

report card

I don’t go out of my way to be an ass when I go to restaurants. I just wait til the check comes and I get snooty about the tip. Because I think that the tip should reflect the quality of service to send a message. How else can I send a more clearer message that “your waiter sucked” than to screw with their tip. Β So what, call me a jerk and passive-aggressive.

Obviously if you’re walking away every night with $20, you have a social problem and should find another job.
I don’t get attitude with the waitress (and let me clear something up – I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve waited on snooty people but I am also self aware and know when someone is being snooty just because their life sucks and when I am being a senseless bimbo waitress. THERE.) So anyway.. I don’t like giving dirty looks when they haven’t cleared our table but the “I’ve-been-there-and-had-to-clear-many-tables” part of me sometimes gets the better.

Exhibit A:

Shayne made me do it. He was all, “Give them a D minus on the receipt!” OK, and then I’ll write them a note. That’ll teach ’em!

I mean, who does this?!
We do. We’re jerks.

The waitress totally bounced and didn’t even say anything! On top of that – charged us too much for 2 of our salads.

So that place sucked. It’s called Two George’s and its in Boynton Beach. The service sucked and so did our $22.99 seafood combo meal. Ugh. There’s no pussyfooting around about this joint… I let ’em have it! (The place has probably been around forever and will be around for the next century but whatever.)

Everyone hates a critic.

enjoy your meals! πŸ™‚


healthy baking

What a week! My mom and aunt have been running us into the ground πŸ˜‰ Eats to be shared…

My last personal training session was Monday and of course I wanted to dazzle her with a homemade treat for all the wonderful training, ass kicking, motivating and mixer she just showed up with at the gym one day and gave to me. So, I sat down with my old baking and pastry textbook to find something yummy. Remembering her previous comments about vegetables and not eating sweets, I assume she’s a vegan… maybe vegetarian. I dont know. Either way, I couldn’t make her a flourless chocolate cake with ganache. I mean, she probably would have had a seizure smelling it. Its no wonder I never saw the “Healthful and Special Needs Baking” section before! There’s a crap-ton of recipes that are gluten-free, reduced fat..yadda yadda… I found the perfect one for inspiration. I used almonds instead of the walnuts and couldn’t find any dry buttermilk powder so I 86’d that right outta the recipe. Oh well. I still thought it came out beautifully:

Have you seen anything more healthy come from a KitchenAid?! “Reduced Fat, No Sugar Added Apple-Almond Pound Cake”
I made a quick bun glaze since I didn’t have cream and sprinkled the almonds on top.

We drove my mom and aunt up and down South Florida’s coast. We stopped in Miami last weekend and went to Gloria and Emilio’s place, Larios on the Beach,Β on Ocean Drive for some Cuban food.

Tostones with shredded beef, ham croquettes, Cuban-style stewed pork and pork-filled tamale. Pork, pork, pork! This is my blog so I’m gonna say that this was not a great meal. The tostones were good – the beef was great. But, I don’t really care for bacon flavored tamales…… Β The pork and onions would have been great if the meat wasn’t giving us all cotton mouth. Oh well. My mom had to get her Cuban sandwich and my aunt opted for the Medianoche – the Cuban on different bread. And you can’t really go wrong with a shrimp appetizer…

But this was by far the highlight: