report card

I don’t go out of my way to be an ass when I go to restaurants. I just wait til the check comes and I get snooty about the tip. Because I think that the tip should reflect the quality of service to send a message. How else can I send a more clearer message that “your waiter sucked” than to screw with their tip.  So what, call me a jerk and passive-aggressive.

Obviously if you’re walking away every night with $20, you have a social problem and should find another job.
I don’t get attitude with the waitress (and let me clear something up – I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve waited on snooty people but I am also self aware and know when someone is being snooty just because their life sucks and when I am being a senseless bimbo waitress. THERE.) So anyway.. I don’t like giving dirty looks when they haven’t cleared our table but the “I’ve-been-there-and-had-to-clear-many-tables” part of me sometimes gets the better.

Exhibit A:

Shayne made me do it. He was all, “Give them a D minus on the receipt!” OK, and then I’ll write them a note. That’ll teach ’em!

I mean, who does this?!
We do. We’re jerks.

The waitress totally bounced and didn’t even say anything! On top of that – charged us too much for 2 of our salads.

So that place sucked. It’s called Two George’s and its in Boynton Beach. The service sucked and so did our $22.99 seafood combo meal. Ugh. There’s no pussyfooting around about this joint… I let ’em have it! (The place has probably been around forever and will be around for the next century but whatever.)

Everyone hates a critic.

enjoy your meals! 🙂



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