about c

me and my cool husband, who inspires me to cook well & often

I am Caroline, aka C. I grew up in Texas, so I am a southern girl when it comes to how I like my food.. but I have moved around a bit so I don’t have an accent… or wear cowgirl boots.

Loves: talking about food, reading about food, enjoying food through all my senses, cooking, baking, decorating cakes & most importantly: eating. I’m not here to boast my cooking skills because I know I wasn’t born to be a world famous Master Chef – however, I do love to eat. I think southern comfort foods are the best eats and I love pizzas and Mexican food. Guacamole is my kryptonite. Slay me!

The things (ok, maybe one thing) you won’t be seeing any of on this blog: strawberries. And anything strawberry scented or flavored. I hate. strawberries. I know… we all have our quirks.

I studied culinary arts at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and loved every windy minute of it. I have to say, my favorite savory class was World cuisine taught by Chef Howe. I still have all my recipes from school and one day I might just have to go through them all again and start a new blog…

My humble beginnings as a food writer started at the Daily Herald (Chicago) newspaper’s food section. I attribute most of my continued obsession with food writing to my 2 month stint there. The other 50% goes to the Food Network, to be honest. I’ve always wanted to be some sort of journalist or writer but just didn’t know what my “niche” was. Well, found it!

I have tons to learn and discover and hopefully through my trials, tribs, experiments, failures and triumphs with cooking, I will uncover new things I didn’t learn in culinary school.

Since meeting my husband in Nashville in summer ’06, we moved to Chicago then onto South Florida and now we are back where this all began: Nashville. It has been a bittersweet journey…moving so much. But I have eaten at some GREAT places along the way. So, now, with our two dogs, we are finally settling down and into Nashville lifestyle. Loving it! Bring on the biscuits!

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