healthy baking

What a week! My mom and aunt have been running us into the ground 😉 Eats to be shared…

My last personal training session was Monday and of course I wanted to dazzle her with a homemade treat for all the wonderful training, ass kicking, motivating and mixer she just showed up with at the gym one day and gave to me. So, I sat down with my old baking and pastry textbook to find something yummy. Remembering her previous comments about vegetables and not eating sweets, I assume she’s a vegan… maybe vegetarian. I dont know. Either way, I couldn’t make her a flourless chocolate cake with ganache. I mean, she probably would have had a seizure smelling it. Its no wonder I never saw the “Healthful and Special Needs Baking” section before! There’s a crap-ton of recipes that are gluten-free, reduced fat..yadda yadda… I found the perfect one for inspiration. I used almonds instead of the walnuts and couldn’t find any dry buttermilk powder so I 86’d that right outta the recipe. Oh well. I still thought it came out beautifully:

Have you seen anything more healthy come from a KitchenAid?! “Reduced Fat, No Sugar Added Apple-Almond Pound Cake”
I made a quick bun glaze since I didn’t have cream and sprinkled the almonds on top.

We drove my mom and aunt up and down South Florida’s coast. We stopped in Miami last weekend and went to Gloria and Emilio’s place, Larios on the Beach, on Ocean Drive for some Cuban food.

Tostones with shredded beef, ham croquettes, Cuban-style stewed pork and pork-filled tamale. Pork, pork, pork! This is my blog so I’m gonna say that this was not a great meal. The tostones were good – the beef was great. But, I don’t really care for bacon flavored tamales……  The pork and onions would have been great if the meat wasn’t giving us all cotton mouth. Oh well. My mom had to get her Cuban sandwich and my aunt opted for the Medianoche – the Cuban on different bread. And you can’t really go wrong with a shrimp appetizer…

But this was by far the highlight:


2 thoughts on “healthy baking

  1. all I can say is yum, Yum, YUM!!! I want some of that cake now 😛 Btw, your pictures are amazing! I wonder where you picked that up from?! heehee 🙂

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