video killed the blog

I don’t want to scare off the 12 consistent readers I actually have going right now but I made a video..
Well, more like an introduction… I’ll get into the good stuff like prepping and showing off my sad kitchen later. Our kitchen was an absolute disaster when I shot this so I am leaning on my cutting board that is on our kitchen table (ugh, so ashamed to call myself a cook..) however, I wanted to try out this blog’s video potential. πŸ™‚

I saw a recipe for BL(FG)T -Bacon, Lettuce (Fried Green) Tomato sliders on Rachael Ray’s daytime show. ‘Cuz ya know.. I’m all unemployed and stuff and I get to watch her show now………. So she fried up the tomatoes and put them on mini burgers with a sour cream and chive sauce. Looked pretty good and super amateur. Only problem is we’re like trying to be healthy and all… and go to the gym and whatnot but I have this weird feeling that sometimes you just feel like a burger… I dont know. Call me crazy. (and then the get the I-hate-myself feeling after you EAT the burger sets in. So.. there’s the conundrum).

Shayne got the burger fever yesterday and wanted me to fix them. And I confess, I LOVE fried green tomatoes. Even yellowish/lime greenish ones. But on a burger? Eeesh. I don’t know. The final verdict? = way greasy and ridiculously messy but the tang of the sour cream and tomato was refreshing in a salty, deep-fried kinda way. I would just have liked the tomato and sauce. The burger made my tummy hurt… (big surprise…)

..Hmm.. what to do with leftover chives and half used lemon? Ta da!

Without further annoyance… HELLO HANDFUL OF READERS!!!! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “video killed the blog

  1. You Look sooo pretty- mike noticed you have your rings on the right hand! hahaah.. 1st time- a bit nervous- maybe next time make post-it- notes & stick on Mac, have recipe @ eye’s view- maybe do out on your porch w/ all of the gorgoeus plants in back-drop- set up a mini “table” with alll of your “goodies” in your recipe @ arms & hands length, I’d say you did “Splendid” my beautiful daughter.. Keep up the Fantastic work- Mike said to put him on your email as he would like to view & comment too.. XXOO

  2. BTW: We Loved the Chives n lemons glass- ( **Idea-maybe some fresh radish’s or carrots w tops from farmers market in a glass or vase w/ lemons or limes or small oranges ect..fresh flower pedals floating look very beautiful too- greenery from your yard w/ flowers. :)))

  3. It’s official! You need a show! That chive/lemon thing is so Sandra Lee/Martha Stewart it’s not even funny! Love it! You rock!

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