piece of cakes

I have been…. not blogging. But! I have been so busy decorating cakes at my day job.. and its all good. We are broke and not eating anything interesting… but I promise myself to start cooking soon. There are some fine eateries within minutes of us. One, I went to with a friend and ate there when I was in town for work: Blue Coast Burrito. And they give WF employees (whose name is Caroline S.) a 10% discount. Whaaaaaaat? Hollaaaa. Tell them I sent you. 😉 Ok, and those who live in Nashville or have….Zaxby’s anyone? This whole chicken fingers craze here?! What is UP with this!? It’s soooo….southern? Ha. I don’t even know! It’s kinda amazing!

So, I am pretty thankful this time around I am able to do more decorating – something I know I am good at and I can only get better doing. And the fact of the matter is, I really genuinely love doing it. Seriously, guys, I draw on cakes. Psh. Please. Does it get anymore Simon. It’s all a stepping stone…. 🙂 Hopefully soon I can get organized enough in my self to start something on my own. That isn’t an official statement… don’t hold me to it just yet.

But if anyone is interested out there in Nashvegasland… I can make cake… and decorate…. So if you like homemade buttercream and you want a cake… holla at me! 😉 I am for hire!

Here’s a few recent creations:

There’s a vineyard (whaaaaaaaaaaat) like 15 minutes from our place. Yes, Arrington Vineyards is owned by Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn and 2 other wine nerds and businessmen. I am documenting this on the blog so I hold myself to getting around to visiting the place. They have hot air balloon rides. Amazing.
Next best thing to living (& probably starving) in Napa. I’ll take it!

Other than that, Nashvegas is treating us well. As well as it can be. Considering we are sleeping on a borrowed air mattress. 😛 Ahh to be in love (with no shame) and living the dream!

enjoy your meals and contact me if you want a cake!