escargot, lobster and trifles

I decided I’m one of those idea people who have lots of ideas but I need other people to help me move them forward. So a lot of my ideas are stuck in a notebook, or like today as I look at my desktop, on “stickies.” (If you have a mac, you know what’s up). I woke up last night from a dead sleep and had a book idea. I couldnt find a pen, so I scooped my lap top out from under the bed and quickly typed it up. I have a stickie on my desktop with some ideas.. some for the blog.. some for just shiz and giggles and some for a future business… hopefully I’ll get to all of it soon. But, for now.. hello blog.

I last left off with my dad and his wife surprising me in Cocoa Beach. Shayne drove me up the 3 hours, blind folded me for the last 30 minutes and we met up with them for a day full of food, sun and great company. Seeing people from home is so refreshing!
So we ate at this outofthisworldamazing steakhouse called, Gregory’s Steak & Seafood Grille. What a treat. Seriously. It was a white table cloth, cozy, Bavarian-esqe joint tucked inside a hotel but we were in casual attire…….
I swear, Florida its like “anything goes” especially if you’re on the beach.

I’d never had escargot. I am not one to turn down THAT opportunity. So, my dad ordered two appetizers..

Lobsteraki – lobster wrapped in bacon topped with teriyaki sauce:


Escargot Maison –  snails nestled in mushroom caps sautéed and slathered in a rich butter garlic sauce:

Earthy, rich, soooooo decadent. This was my favorite.

Beautiful salads followed:

Everyone opted for seafood except me. I passed the camera around so everyone could take a picture of their dish 🙂 My dad ordered the sesame-pepper tuna steak:

Shayne’s mahi mahi:

He’s getting good with this picture taking..
and I ordered a house special but I forgot what it was called! (ahhhh!) It was medallions of steak smothered in a brandy mushroom sauce. Ridiculous…

Oo and last weekend we made a trifle for a friend’s birthday. We made it for her last year and she asked for it again!

Started off with some fresh fruit I bought at Bedner’s… mango, pears, peaches and bananas.

My sous chef worked on slicing up an angel food cake. I didnt realize he was going to cut up the entire thing. We still have cake sitting in the fridge. No one’s going to eat it.. of course. *Confession: I really don’t care for angel food cake.. is that weird?*


Of course, I have the best sous chef in the world… 🙂 …who’s so creative with food. Who knew!?

Tropical Trifle
1 mango, peeled and thinly sliced
1 peach, peeled and thinly sliced
2 pears, peeled and thinly sliced
1-2 bananas, sliced
1 cup vanilla or dulce de leche pudding*
2 cups whipped topping
handful of chocolate mint leaves
1/2 angel food cake, sliced
*I use both.. I buy the small cups of vanilla and dulce de leche and combine 3 of each in a large bowl.

Coarsely chop the mint and add it to the whipped topping, combine and set aside in the fridge. Have all your fruit and cake slices in front of you when you are ready to assemble. In a large trifle bowl start building! Start with cake on the bottom and end with whipped topping on the top (no rhyme or reason). Garnish with fruit slices and a mint leaf.

enjoy your meals!…




Whoa!!! Way, way too long. What a disgrace… but I have good reason.

It’s my day off today and I have abducted my laptop and taken her to Panera Bread – were I can safely access free WiFi in the comfort of a faux-leather chair and sip on an ice cold “fountain drink” with other freeloading-WiFi Panera customers.

So, its my day off from my new job…… I somehow woke up from my unemployment fog to find myself working in the bakery at Whole Foods Market. Let me just say one thing thus far… I hate retail, but somehow being in a kitchen, decorating little pastries and cakes and slicing people bread, it’s ok for now.  I’m around food all day long, and good food at that, and I LOVE LOVE Whole Paychecks’ cheese counter. I told my trainer that’s one of the reasons I wanted to work there. I think.
But, the important thing is, I don’t feel trapped behind a desk doing undermining, bitch work for self-indulged old men, i.e. previous job. THANK GOD. So, ya know, for the time being… it’ll do.

Aside from my excuses…  Shayne and I drew up the weekly menu on Sunday. We made another homemade pizza, but he only took pictures of me assembling the pie and none of the finished product. So thats not going to press – and I’m sure somewhere in the past couple days I’ve made something yummy but I just can’t remember. I’ve been working weird, idiotic, retail hours… but my next project is to make a yummy dessert/cake with my mixer. I gotta get that mama back in business.

Thanks for reading and Joel, thanks for noticing I was disappearing from cyberspace 🙂 I’m back.

Here’s my doggies, (l+r) Henry & Macee playing in an ice-filled baby pool we got for them 🙂

enjoy your meals,