crawfish boil of the century

As some of you cultured Southerners would know, its crawfish season. In Texas, I know they had the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring through weekends in April. And… people would throw crawfish boils at their houses or whatever. Well, I haven’t seen a crawfish in like 4 years… none in Nashville and they don’t know what the hell a crawfish is in Chicago. (Sad). So when my sister-in-law told me her best friend is straight from the bayou in Louisiana and she throws a crawfish boil almost every year, Shayne and I pretty much decided we were going. Before we were invited. Crawfish, crawdads, whatever you want to label these pain-in-the-asses, they are a down-home treat. The lovely lady, Tonya and her husband, Chris had the crawfish shipped to Orlando from the Gulf. It was uh-mazing. And I am a big fan of the spicier, the better… for when you suck the juice out of the head cavity… ๐Ÿ™‚

The set up was just grab as many as you want and the batches just kept comin’. We all crowded around a wooden table and grabbed, nabbed and peeled crawfish the whole afternoon. Thank you Tonya & Chris for an awesome day and yummy eats!

…enjoy your crawfish while they last!


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