buyer beware

Oh, geez. I have got to tell what we did last night… maybe someone can shed some light on this situation. A lot of opinions, skepticism and high hopes are floating around, its hard to see!

Alright, so I love enthusiastic people and especially who invite us over to “taste” things! However.. I dont like to go to a “tasting” and then be bamboozled into trying to sell the yummy product in a pyramid scheme. …if at first it all seems too good to be true, it probably is. And if its food? You had me at HELLO. (and duh, I am NOT a salesperson. By any stretch. I hide behind a computer… thank you!)

We went over to this cute, cozy house, watched a lovely little National-Geographic movie about the wonders of the Amazon and acai berry. Then we got it. The sales pitch. (dun dun dun!) I was still pretty pumped about it being about food so I didn’t really see through the thick smog of the sale… but after we got into the car I started thinking about it. I thought about it so much that when I got up this morning, I was milling it over in my head.. almost getting anxious.
I had seen the stupid stickers on people’s cars but I honestly thought it was like Mary Kay and was for make up. I had no idea MONA VIE was a $40 bottle of fruit juice. And! If we forked over $360 to our new friends whom I’d just met an hour ago with the huge TV and nice house, we’d get 3 cases of 4 bottles and we’d be newly minted ‘entrepreneurs’…. in a business where people have already made MILLIONS! I am a Libra, folks, I see (or try to anyway) both sides of EVERYTHING so you could imagine my conundrum. One second I was telling them and Shayne, “Ooo I know people who could benefit from this!” and the next I was thinking, “Why the hell didn’t they just sell this in the stores and be Coca-Cola by now?” I even took the paperwork to the office and showed my coworker and talked it out with him. I mean, really, I respect people trying to get ahead and making a buck but what I don’t like is being tricked into thinking its going to be a tasting (…cheeses! wines! food! drinks!...) and we get put in an awkward position on a strangers couch where we have to make a decision if we’re going to give them $360! I hate saying no…

And we kinda did. We left with pamphlets and dvd’s and one case of 4 bottles of the “Immune” variety – which – is supposed to.. wait for it… BOOST OUR IMMUNE system. Straight off the Mona Vie site, this one is: “Formulated with antioxidant rich MVāo2 a proprietary complex featuring the superfruits açai and maqui“…


Anyways. We’ll try it out… I think if anything, we may buy some later but I don’t know about you but I cant afford $40 fruit juice. I also went digging for more information on this company this morning and found the greatest little website with only commentary about Mona Vie:
And from what I gathered earlier at work… The quicker and earlier you get involved in these sorts of things and sooner you get out – the better. However, just like Herbalife…Noni water…. these things come and go.

enjoy your… $40 ”ah-sigh-ee” juice.