Auburn eats (it)

They totally won Saturday and Auburn is a super fun, super cutes little hick town.


Our weekend in Auburn was just what we needed: good food, victorious AU Tigers football game, cool weather & hoodies. (..and 2 nights of raucous Halloween partying!)
Even though I complained the entire 6 months it was cold in Chicago, I do miss throwing on a hoodie and calling it a day. ..There’s just something about the months of October, November, December that holla for cold weather. Its just weird waking up and the palm trees blowing in the 80-degree-100%-humidity wind… and it’s like, Christmas. Am I right?

So growing up in Texas and all.. I am a downright sucker for fattening, Southern food…. Alabama and Georgia are not short on it either. Once we got to Georgia, driving through the cotton field & pecan tree scenery, Shayne stopped at this humble little joint literally in the middle of nowhere. Couldn’t tell you what city it was in or near.
Fried chicken, catfish sandwiches… mmm good ol’ country cookin!


Once we arrived in glorious Auburn, we found our way to the infamous, Momma Goldberg’s. It’s like THAT place you HAVE to eat at when you go to Auburn. In all honesty, yes, it was good but I am kinda irritated with them for messing up my order. Yeah, so I am one of those orderers.. (“I’d like the Ceasar salad with the dressing on the side, hold the anchovies, no croutons and extra pickle juice”) but c’mon. I ordered the cheese sandwich, with provolone instead of the American cheese, on sourdough instead of the wheat bun. How hard, people? …how hard?…
But THESEEEE were stupendous!!
Doritos + Monterey Jack + Jalapenos + Steamed = D E L I S H


Shayne went for his usual turkey delight sandwich. I should’ve just shared with him 😦 My cheese sandwich was not so great 😦


Hot dogs at the game.. num-nums. Then a horrible, ordered-in pizza to our room. OMG. Whatever pizza place that was, whoever you are, I forgot the name (you better be glad), was grotesque. 😦
And we managed to slither our drunken heads into Waffle House, for some yummy waffle, horrible hash browns and window tagging. (I hate Waffle House, fyi).

The only thing I regrettably didn’t get my hands on was Whataburger. But, we stopped at a little bbq place just off 75 somewhere in north Florida and got some of THESE:
Yep, you got it, fried green ‘maters on a styrofoam plate. Golly, I love the South. And..psh.. hello, can’t eat those without sweet tea to wash it down with.


So now I must get back to work. I have been so behind on this blog, ugh, and it’s bugging me! Our internet doesn’t work at home. Not too much going on in the kitchen this week, we had veggie burgers last night…ahhhh! OK, so they werent that bad. I actually brought one to work for lunch 🙂 And the other night we just had plain baked potatoes and chicken/spinach wraps. Yummy, but very anticlimactic for a food blog. With that… I say, adios!

enjoy your *southern* meals… 😉