l.a. field triiiiiip

I am so stoked to talk about this sexy food on our recent “field triiiiip” (HAHA, Cuz). I
I would tooootally not do the “inside joke-shout out my friend” thing on my blog but as I was typing I totally sang “field trip” to myself like I did while we were there. FYI – I made up a very short jingle and sang, “field triiiip” in a jazzy kind of way every time we drove somewhere. Its not so funny when I have to type it out. 😦

I am also thrilled that I can actually post real pictures from a digital camera.
Over 4 whole days we ate L.A. I searched Google, City search and past Food Network episodes to come up with the best, most accessible collection of food stops I could. I guess to say I had some of the most delicious fish tacos, avocados and sushi would be not only an understatement but if you’ve ever been to Cali, you know what I mean.


. breakfast .

The Getty Villa, Malibu

Ahh, probably my favorite day. I love looking at this picture because I had such a great morning. I got us FREE tickets to The Getty Villa in Malibu Thursday morning (Go early! Cannot stress enough. There was hardly anybody there when we arrived!). It was breezy, cool.. the kind of morning that makes you want some tea. Pictured above: a crispy, chewy chocolate chip biscone (obviously perfectly golden) and a piping hot Chai tea latte. (and fyi: please keep off the skylight).

. lunch .

The Reel Inn, Malibu.

Holy crap. First of all, I can’t take credit for this treasure chest of vittles. Shayne’s boss gave him the nudge to go here and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Close to the Villa, I recommend copy-catting us and going to the Villa and taking the scenic drive down the PCH to enjoy some really, amazing, salmon fish tacos:

I love fish tacos and I’ve never had salmon ones. Oh yes I have, I actually made them! (But not as good as these). South Floridians (not that I am one, ugh…) prefer to use Mahi Mahi. BUT I’d say a fatty, grilled, flavorful salmon goes down much nicer with tons of lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa on top! Can you say GLUTTON!? 🙂 (and the cole slaw seen here was excellent. Although not the tangy slaw I am more accustomed).

Other dishes during our lunch:

Cuz’s chowder. I think the table agreed it was, “okay.”

Jimmy’s scallops. Agreed: moist, tender and flavorful. A hit!

. lunch .

Philippe’s, downtown Los Angeles

As told in one of my last entries, we saw Philippe’s in a Travel Channel Man v. Food episode. And I overheard a few patrons whispering amongst themselves “..Yeah that Man v. Food show..” Heh. You always think you’re the only one who saw that episode and the only one seeking out the restaurants. No.
But! The french-dipped sandwich, which I had never had, was AWESOME

There was a bottle of mustard on the table and of course I lathered it on… little did I know it was horseradish blow-your-nose-out hot mustard and my sinus cavity was on FI-UH! Luckily, I only put the mustard on one half.

. dinner .

Gordon Biersch Brewing Restaurant – not only brews some mighty fine ales in house but has the best damn garlic fries on this planet! Shayne & I shared a grilled bbq chicken sandwich (not pictured). This is Cuz’s meal… a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce and the gorgeous fries. We all had garlic breath well into Saturday evening.

SATURDAY – Shayne’s 32nd birthday –

. lunch .

In-N-Out Burger

The holy grail of fast food (in my opinion), In-N-Out burger!! I was bugging Cuz to go here until we finally did Saturday afternoon. It was Shayne’s first In-N-Out burger and he LOVED it. I was ecstatic 🙂

Onto Huntington Beach for drinks:

This little glass of hell was a mai tai I got for free for walking back to the car and getting my I.D. 🙂

. dinner .

Matsuhisa, Beverly Hills

This was what we were waiting for all week – fresh Pacific coast sushi! Shayne and I ordered Rock Shrimp Tempura (post-realizing we forgot the camera in the car) and a ‘Spicy Tuna Roll’. The shrimp was basically like the bang bang shrimp at Bonefish Grill. The tuna roll was like butta… it melted in our mouths…sooooooo good!

Just LOOK at that:

Here was the masterpiece our double dates got:

Of course, a birthday dinner would not be complete without a sweet ending of banana-chocolate spring rolls & your name written in chocolate:


. breakfast .

Before heading to Santa Monica and Venice, we drove to Del Mar (I think) and went to Jerry’s Deli. We didnt see Adam Sandler but I’m sure he was about to go that day.. or maybe we missed him. Oh well.

Shayne & I shared these mini pancakes and an omelette : avocado, cheese and sour cream.

We are really retarded and watch movies A LOT and sometimes the same ones over and over again. We LOVE the movie, ‘I Love You, Man.’ We are always quoting it, in front of anyone and everyone…even if you havent seen the movie, much less heard of it. So one part is when “Joban” and “Pistol Pete” go to James’ Beach Bar in Venice…. we definitely did our homework and found it!!! We totally werent sure if it was a real place but it SO is! I have no pictures from our stop here but I will later. Anyways, the character, Sydney Fife, tells Paul Rudd’s character, Peter Klaven that James’ has the best fish tacos in the world. Well, we went to James’ with the intentions of getting the tacos but turned our noses up when on the freakin menu they list “James’ Famous Fish Tacos: as seen on the movie, ‘I Love You, Man'” OMG HOW RETARDED. I was turned off at that point and we ordered oysters and a sushi roll. Which, meh. Matsuhisa sushi is the tits.

Our trip was fantastic, and I know Shayne had the best birthday EVER.