apples to apples

Really, have I mentioned I love fall?

Well, the 1st anniversary of cmyfood has come and gone… but I made some yummy apple cranberry tarts for friends who had us over for dinner. Dinner parties! Nice people who want to cook yummy food for us?! Mind-blower.

I literally took over their kitchen last week (going so far as to bring my own pan and every ingredient I needed, along with all my mise en place :)) and made cider-glazed chicken for them. Their retort? They insisted it was their turn to take back their surrendered kitchen and serve up the meal this past Sunday. Chicken cordon bleu….. yes, please.

So, for that I made these:

Little did I know (or have the decency to ask) dessert had already been made. Brownies. My fave! And some chocolate-covered strawberries….. but we all know how I feel about those. And they didn’t even know how I felt about those until that evening, minutes before dinner was served. Good timing I’d say – better late than never.

It’s holiday season…and that means for us in SoFlo: reckless driving snow birds, taunting snowy Campbell’s commercials and crisp warm weather. Ah….

enjoy your meals!


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