chili and pasta

I have a mighty yummy crock pot full of veggies simmering in tomatoes for chili that’ll be ready tomorrow night. Mmm-mmm. Nothing better than chili and cornbread, friends!

With all our vegetables we dug up at the farmer’s market last week, I made roasted pepper pasta. We don’t really eat a lot of pasta, which is kind of a good thing but I don’t do it any justice by inhaling massive amounts of bread. So when we do make pasta its usually with a really light sauce. Basil pesto…olive oil and garlic… I can’t stand thick, raunchy red sauces. Heartburn, anyone?

While pasta cooked, I diced an onion, yellow tomato, cut fresh basil & parsley and minced garlic. I preheated our broiler to 350, put about 4 medium sized peppers on a cookie sheet and let them roast for 10 minutes..give or take. When they start charring its a good indicator they’ve been roasted enough. After those sat in a bowl, covered, for 10 minutes we scraped the char off and sliced them. After draining the pasta liquid, I added a generous drizzle or two of olive oil, tomato, onion, garlic and herbs and let that marry on medium-low heat. Then for the finishing touch, right after you take the pot off the stove, add *fresh* mozzarella. It has to be fresh. Get the expensive stuff, its way better.

enjoy your meals!


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