we’re hungry

So I’ve picked up where I conveniently left off and vanished into real world land and outside of cyber space. And leaving my handful of faithfuls hanging in anticipation…………………………..
Truth is, no food. We are starving! Ok ok, not really.
But! Recently we revisited City Oyster. It is as loud and obnoxious as we all painfully endured during our first visit but the food is still phenom. Uhv course.
Our double dates ordered the mystical pan-seared scallops. And while nothing on the menu screamed to me like the middle-aged drunkards across the dining room did in each other’s faces, we ordered the night’s special – organic salmon with a potato pancake and micro-green salad. Our entrée was okay….how do you overcook salmon?!?  I think Whole Foods is rubbing off me…. “organic salmon”…….

I haven’t made anything at home worth public declaration. I fried us up some chicken fried chicken the other night. Mashed taters. Corn. It’s a Texas thing, calling it “chicken fried chicken.” I don’t really know even how to explain it to people. Why its not “country fried.” Its like why do we say “y’all” and not “you guys.” I don’t know.  Ask ‘them.’

Work is drowning me and more recently… we moved our bed into the living room. Next?
The stove goes into the bathroom.

Until then…

Enjoy your meals!


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