stinky cheese man

One kinda great thing about where I work is I have access to a whole grocery store of amazing eats (duh). And just so happens I am counter neighbors with the stinky cheese mongers. Like I said before, part of the reason I even went into Whole Foods before was to stare at the cheese counter. Not really buy anything… just stare. And eat the samples.

I’ve since wandered to the cheese counter and actually purchased a cheese or two. When I made the bruschetta for the World Cup dinner, I used a parmesan-esque goat cheese. Buttery, salty, melted on the tongue like a good parmesan should.

My man met me at the store so we could do some post-shift shopping. I was having all these insane cravings and wants and needs, we ended up with a cart full of miscellaneous. All natural BBQ chips, potato salad, 2 jugs of organic lemonade, frozen pierogi’s, frozen edamame, guacamole, salsa, a baguette, a fresh cheese pizza, black cherry soda, 2 chocolate mousse desserts, pulled pork and these two goat’s milk cheeses:

Both with distinct stinkyness and tang but all the right creaminess.

I love cheese. I dont care how many pounds or pimples I incur upon consumption… I love it. I do have certain cheeses I prefer not to be friends with.. like swiss… I mean, ok, I’ve only had the processed crap from those packages with 8 slices. I will give swiss the benefit of the doubt and say I just haven’t met Mr. Right.

This frumpy round one that looks like a white hockey puck that’s been rolled around on the concrete is actually peppered goat cheese. Very spicy! I give you, capricho de cabra – peppered!


For this slice of pie: it was a little more stank… chevre de cremiers from France. Oui oui!

Creamy, salty, tangy…. People who choose to live their life sans cheese are mutants.

…enjoy your meals!


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