I played soccer around the time when getting kool-aid stains around the perimeter of your upper lip and being front teeth-less was the height of sophistication. Oh I so wish I could find my soccer picture. I was 5 and very sophisticated. So much so I wore a pearl headband…like every game… and the ref would always politely take it from me (I guess it was a safety thing?) oh and might I add I was the only girl on my team. Well I wore the headband in said picture. And just so happens I have the most bad ass kool-aid stain around my mouth EVER. Somebody embarrass me on Facebook and post that photo.

Thats the extent of my soccer experience. I know just next to nothing about soccer.. oh pardon.. fútbol. So as the World Cup played out I kinda ignored it. Sadly. I know… its like the epicenter of international sports next to the Olympics but its like whatever…. is there food involved?

When our friend invited us over to watch the finals it was my excuse to make something. Too bad I had to work that day and 100 excuses later all I could come up with was bruschetta. I was kind of craving it anyway.. I bought a garlic parmesean baguette, salty, buttery goat cheese and an ugly heirloom from the farmer’s market and threw together these:

I need a windowsill in my kitchen.

Onto more exciting news…. I found this while we were in Walgreens… I am such a sour fiend. My heart almost beat outta my chest when I saw these. My mouth is doing the weird salivating thing it does when I talk about really sour stuff. (Please someone out there tell me this happens to you too!) Ok so these are amazing and I cant even believe someone out there in Warhead land answered my prayer:

Insane. I know! (AND! They were $1!!!) These are reeeeeeally sour. These are not for the tart of heart.  Now I just need to get my hands on some citric acid. My world would be complete. Dear Santa…

enjoy your meals… and Warhead freezer pops 🙂


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