Whoa!!! Way, way too long. What a disgrace… but I have good reason.

It’s my day off today and I have abducted my laptop and taken her to Panera Bread – were I can safely access free WiFi in the comfort of a faux-leather chair and sip on an ice cold “fountain drink” with other freeloading-WiFi Panera customers.

So, its my day off from my new job…… I somehow woke up from my unemployment fog to find myself working in the bakery at Whole Foods Market. Let me just say one thing thus far… I hate retail, but somehow being in a kitchen, decorating little pastries and cakes and slicing people bread, it’s ok for now.  I’m around food all day long, and good food at that, and I LOVE LOVE Whole Paychecks’ cheese counter. I told my trainer that’s one of the reasons I wanted to work there. I think.
But, the important thing is, I don’t feel trapped behind a desk doing undermining, bitch work for self-indulged old men, i.e. previous job. THANK GOD. So, ya know, for the time being… it’ll do.

Aside from my excuses…  Shayne and I drew up the weekly menu on Sunday. We made another homemade pizza, but he only took pictures of me assembling the pie and none of the finished product. So thats not going to press – and I’m sure somewhere in the past couple days I’ve made something yummy but I just can’t remember. I’ve been working weird, idiotic, retail hours… but my next project is to make a yummy dessert/cake with my mixer. I gotta get that mama back in business.

Thanks for reading and Joel, thanks for noticing I was disappearing from cyberspace 🙂 I’m back.

Here’s my doggies, (l+r) Henry & Macee playing in an ice-filled baby pool we got for them 🙂

enjoy your meals,



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