viva la revolution!

I first saw Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show when my mom was visiting in April.  It’s grown and gotten all kinds of hype but somehow I’m always a day late with most things…

So, I knew he was doing something like that in the UK a couple years ago… I recall watching something on BBC or Food Network… pushing English ladies around in their own school kitchens and throwing away all the gar-bahge. Pretty entertaining but also enlightening. Seriously. Why do we let children eat crap at school!?! I guess because some parents let the children eat crap 24/7. I wish I would’ve gotten “gourmet” lunch at school! Damn! Are these people who resist the change insane!?
But! Jamie Oliver is onto something and I want to be apart of it. Why should school cafeteria’s be a convenience haven of fried, processed food… let it be a sanctuary of healthy, fresh meals. 😉

Join me!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

To follow Jamie on twitter and get FR updates, click HERE.


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