cold lobster

I dont know about you guys but I am totally in the dark about lobster. Like, for instance, I can tell you all about bbq and chicken fried steak and down-home, country cookin’ but  – lobster? I know its yummy when dipped in butter? It turns red when you boil it…. And…. uh… its expensive? Anyone with me on this?

We didn’t do a lot of lobster cooking in Chicago when I attended culinary school. You can only imagine why. People of the Midwest do not know true great seafood and for obvious reasons…. landlocked anyone?…. (**Disclaimer** Yes, I am well aware there are probably thousands of Midwesterners who can identify amazing seafood when they smell it. Please don’t read too much into that above statement).

So I’ve had two instances of lobster since relocating to South Florida. One was horrific and scarred me and the other, just recently, was I’d say, nothing more of decent. *sigh* Will I ever get a true, stellar representation of lobster? Who knows. Sure as hell not here I’m assuming.

Late last year I had an assignment to go to three local culinary schools and eat at their restaurants. I went to a school in West Palm Beach and had lunch. I figured ok, I’m here for lunch, I’ll get a sandwich and soup. Typical lunch fare, right? Well.. I looked at the choices before me and picked the most unique sounding sandwich on the menu. (Taking chances on a first encounter can either be the death or life of discovering a new restaurant, fyi). “Lobster BLT.” Huh! Sounds fun! I had no idea they were going to serve the imitation lobster meat cold on doughy, dry ciabatta bread. Yuck. Hating life instance #349.

Sunday we had lunch with one of our lady friend’s who met us in Delray Beach to try out a restaurant with us off the main drag called Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll. (Long name for a restaurant. Kinda unnecessary. Linda Bean’s would’ve sufficed). I was obviously ready to order a lobster roll. Duh. But I thought hmm…I wonder if its cold… like that nasty lobster BLT…. I asked a passing waitress and her reply was, “Yep, it’s fresh lobster meat chilled.” ….F word. Then I got antsy and anxious, ugh. I asked Shayne if we should leave. True Libra. Should we leave or no? Should we get the roll or no? Decisions to be made! I settled after seeing our friend walk in and since I didn’t want to stir the pot and get everyone in a tizzy, I just ordered the damn roll…. cold lobster meat and all. Final consensus? Not bad! Not my most favorite thing in the world but.. I guess it could’ve been a BLT disaster. Before ordering I remember looking at this lady, she was having a hay-day with her roll, you could tell she was freakin’ loving it. I was hoping I would catch the same fever after one bite…. not really.
And if I really wanna get candid, it was not worth the price. So there. Linda Bean’s in Delray, B-, because the price was ridic! Lovely location though. Great company and good afternoon. I didn’t have my camera so no pictures. But here is what a lobster roll looks like – oooh!:
Now, are they traditionally served with chilled or hot lobster meat?….

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enjoy your lobster rolls!



One thought on “cold lobster

  1. Yep.. thats Exactly what they look like- as I mentioned- they are served Chilled, in a very bland seasoning (mayo/diced celery) on a “Lobsta Roll” Not appetizing to me what-so-ever..
    Lobster should be served only One way- Grilled or Broiled-w/ a garlic/butter & lemon dipping sauce….

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