move over rachael

I am no Sandra Lee. I am not eloquent or comfortable in front of video cameras or talking into microphones even in front of a few people, especially while whipping up a quick ganache next to a very eloquent food editor. I was a complete wreck this day and can barely stand to watch the video in its entirety without looking away or tucking my face in my hands and guffawing at my lame ass self. What-the-hell-ever, right!? On with it!

Whilst in culinary school I bamboozled my way into a newspaper internship as a contributing writer for the food section. How? I am still in awe of how my younger, wilder self managed to walk straight into the Daily Herald office and demand Deb Pankey give me some food writing experience! It was probably the best 3 months of my entire professional life. Up until she asked me to make ganache, in front of a big ol’ video camera at her house. And narrate practically 3/4 of the whole damn thing. I happily obliged, of course! And dove head first into my wanna-be-a-food-network-star-food-video (juuuust kidding!). After this was done I didn’t really post it so many people could see it so now that I am 2 years older and little more comfortable with my embarrassing failures, I will share! As I was watching a video from another food blog, I started thinking about making demo videos for this little blog here and then remembered how much of a wreck I was making this: (Feel free to laugh – I did.)

Now that you, um, know my, um, secret to great, um, ganache… enjoy your ganache! 🙂



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