maybe next year

It’s been a few days, huh? Well last weekend our siblings from Orlando (and I was going to type, but then didn’t, that Brandy Burridge Photography came to visit us but I retracted that because I thought they didn’t do any photography…. heh… my mistake. I forgot – they totally did.) SO… Brandy Burridge Photography came to visit us last weekend, since we live all alone out in the middle of Ag-land and no one ever visits us – so having people around was both foreign and fun.
Of course it goes without saying we cooked. And drove 4+ hours to and from Fort Myers……………. which became unsettling after awhile. Nonetheless, a weird ass Festival of Lights parade and free concert, + lots of beers later we made it back safe and sound. Thank God.

To my sheer delight, Food Network is hosting the South Beach Wine & Food Festival this weekend in Miami… right on the sand. Literally. Thursday I had the honor of using my “media creds” and attending a private affair for Chef John Gray. It wasn’t an official Festival event but lets pretend it was. AMAZING food and free drinks at a swank hotel in South Beach = good time!

My friend, Joel, was also in town for a few hours Saturday after his cruise made its arrival in Miami.. we scooped him and his boyfriend up and went to Espanola Way to have some Mexican food and lots and lots of margaritas… and other frozen yummy drinks.

As we walked onto the beach and the huge white tents with all the lucky, rich folk – taunting me with their huge Bordeaux wine glasses hanging from their necks – I made it clear that I will see the inside of those tents next year…..


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