rellenos nightmare

I don’t even know how to start this. Let me just delve right in…
During my 5-minute lunch yesterday, at my desk, I saw on my iGoogle homepage a recipe for stuffed peppers… and my wheels started turning.. mmm…Chiles Rellenos sounds yummy for din-din. I have all my recipes from culinary school and asked Shayne to find my Latin Cuisine packet that had the recipe for the Rellenos. He couldn’t find it. I printed one off Food Network and it looked/sounded easy enough… I mean hello, I did pass Latin Cuisine with an A, thank you.
It breaks down like this – I couldn’t get any fresh poblanos so in lieu of those, we bought cubanelles. Which, okay, apparently these are an exceptional substitute but I find that they totally are not. They were thin and frail and I am sure it is partly due to the fact that we didn’t buy them at a farmer’s market. I broiled them until charred, steamed them for 10 minutes in a covered bowl and scrapped the skin off. The pitiful peppers totally fell apart before I could get any Monterey jack inside them and I ended up just throwing it into the batter and we used a metal spoon to ladle it into the oil and fried it with the spoon nestled under it so the cheese wouldn’t leak out. Well, we are mentally retarded. The batter wrapped itself around the spoon – and so, what we had was a fried metal spoon-Chiles Rellenos. After scrapping the massacred chile off the spoon and getting black beans and rice cooked, we settled at the table. Great. Oh! and I also burned some whole-grain nachos I threw together as a savior dish to the pepper disaster. Awesome. I was going to take a photo of the destruction but I forgot to. The up side, the batter in which the peppers were dipped was phenom! It was flour, cumin, salt and 12 oz of lager-style beer.
I was hating life last night. I looked up and Shayne was eating away… I don’t know if he was eating because of hunger, liked it (a combo) or wanted to lift my spirits. Who knows. But seeing him sheepishly take more bites from the nachos kinda made me a little, tid-bit okay with the situation.
I sighed and said, “Well, that sucked.” And that was that.

I will find my recipe from school and Chile Rellenos, we will meet again.


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