grillin’ in the rain!

…what a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again!

I made it! Hump day! 3 days of cereal never went down so smooth. I am on my way, folks. 🙂

I don’t feel any different and I probably have not shed a pound.

Dinners were the highlight of my day pre-Special K but post starting this thing… dinner is what I LIVE for. I’ve gotten smart and bring plenty-o-snacks to work – carrots, pistachios, pretzels, oatmeal (all good stuff, mind you!)… I learned my lesson Monday. I was downright famished when I left work. I was driving up the Turnpike like a beast trying to get home to eat. Insane.

We bought a plump salmon fillet and some broccoli for dinner last night. I texted Shayne during the day in my hungry stupor, “I cant wait to eat some grilled salmon tonight” Whipped up some taters and dinner was served. (I also made a lovely white wine/honey mustard sauce that I drizzled on top…… hint of sarcasm..

I don’t measure these sorts of things, I just get an idea in my head and kinda throw stuff together. Literally. So forgive this Helter-skelter recipe: I had some Publix brand cooking wine, honey mustard dressing, red wine vinegar and flour. I melted butter in a small saucepan, add about 1 teaspoon of sugar. Melted the sugar until it was a light caramel color and added 1 tablespoon of flour. Brought that to a boil while whisking. Turned the heat to medium-low and whisked in roughly 3 tablespoons white wine, dash of red wine vinegar and probably 3/4 cup honey mustard, maybe a little more. Who knows. 🙂

Like that drizzle? I know I got a little heavy on the sauce. Big no-no.

Just look at this dedication. Grilling our feast, in the rain, with an umbrella. And seriously, it had been monsoon-ing right before I took this with my phone. He’s the reason I love making food

…enjoy your meals!



One thought on “grillin’ in the rain!

  1. I can totally see you road ragin’ it down the turnpike with your hands clenched on the wheel looking straight forward without a care of who is around you!

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