the d word

I am announcing to the bloggie world that I have officially started the Special K starvation, I mean “diet” today. (Is it even technically a diet? – I’ll read up). I am doing this as sort of an experiment and also to shed some poundage, which I have regretfully (but also kinda happily :)) put on as a direct result of being a newlywed and/or eating lots of yummy food with limited exercise. Oh what the hell, I sit at a desk all day and go home and cook and eat and then go to bed. My husband still loves me but I need some energy so I have also committed myself to vitamins and getting my servings of fruits and veggies each day. So all in all this is sort of the: Get-out-of-a-slump Project. I will hopefully be brave enough and committed to documenting my progress and how much I detest cereal after 3 days but.. like they say.. if you can make it past the 3 day hump….. πŸ™‚
I also want to get a juicer in the near future, hopefully, and I am very interested in trying a juice fast. Just to see what happens. I kinda have a feeling I know… and it involves a lot of hurried trips to the toilet. And not the quick trips…. TMI? But we will cross that bridge when we get there and I can be the guinea pig.

And I have also drank so much water in the past 3 days I feel like I might leak my bladder all over my chair. I cant believe they expect you to live like this! 64 oz?! I mean, honestly, no one can tell me they do this every day…. It’s almost an annoyance, a burden at best, to have to pee every 20 minutes.

So the Special K thing is pretty limited (of course they only want you to eat their snacks and cereal…) so I have 2 very small bowls of any variety of the cereal with almond milk (because I have decided and self-diagnosed I am lactose intolerant)for 2 meals and my 3rd meal is on me. Almond milk is the reason I am even alive after eating cereal. I can’t drink milk, milkshakes, ice cream or anything with milk dairy (lactose) without my tummy hating me afterward. So, if this is you – please save yourself and get almond milk. It tastes sooooo yummy, too. And really, besides the calcium, we don’t need no stinking cow’s milk. Husband suggested we buy it and I have been singing it’s praises ever since.

No more fat kid treats 😦 (for now…… πŸ™‚ ) I can hardly keep motivation or attention to a good thing (besides my husband) for too long. But I will try my best bloggies. I refuse to quit eating nom nom’s, though!


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