super bowl, schmooper bowl.

I am not an NFL fan whatsoever. Overpaid, Neanderthals.
..Let me tell you how I really feel. 🙂

BUT! Super Bowl parties/bbq’s are the exception. I made some straight-from-the-farm guacamole for a get-together we attended last night. There is nothing in this world like fresh, tender avocados and bright, earthy tomatoes. We live out in the middle of nowhere land, surrounded by endless farms so its no wonder we live about 1 mile from Bedner’s farmers market. They are in the process of opening a store of sorts and in addition to produce galore, I overheard the owner/manager(?) saying they’re going to have a (and I quote) “salad bar and smoothies.” Hm. I dont know how I feel about that.. but.. We will be going for the fruits and veggies. Anyway! Tangent and a half. So I made this wonderful, fragrant guac and I didn’t take a picture of it. I am so over not having a camera!!! 😦 I’ve only had the pleasure of going to a a few farmer’s markets in my life. One was in Chicago, which was, by far, the greatest and plentiful plethora of fresh ingredients that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t have even have any cash to buy anything. But what a difference fresh makes in a dish. It’s so convenient to go to the grocery store but I find it’s like buying fruits and vegetables that have had plastic surgery. It’s all plumped up and polished. To find a local market with real vegetables that actually may have dents and scuffs on them, take a few minutes to gander at this site, by clicking HERE. It makes sense: mother nature already gave us a menu.

I also find it funny that they call the victor, “World Champions” …. what other countries actually play football in the Super Bowl? Didn’t think so. Maybe I am missing a few bullet points.

enjoy your farmer’s markets!


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