eat pray love

One of my most favorite books EVER is going to be made into a movie!!!
And I dont recall that I’ve ever done this! I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a book and then it became a movie. Now I guess I’m in that little club of nerds. I totally read all the Twilights after I had seen Twilight, the movie. Oh wait, I lie. I toooootally read Polar Express before I saw the movie. 😉

It was a great book. Funny, inspiring…and I was in a point in my life where I needed a good book to get me through lonely nights with no cable. I closed the book and wished I could live a life that led me to eat my weight in Rome. Hello!? This is seriously one book you need to read before ever thinking of stepping foot in the theatre to watch. Of course, my favorite part of the novel is her journey through Rome, one gelato at a time. I guess if Julia Roberts is going to be in it… I’ll take my chances 🙂

Thing is… gotta wait til this summer to see it. Gives you plenty of time to read the novel!!


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