back to realityyyy

I am one blink away from nosediving into my keyboard at work.
We arrived in Fort Lauderdale this morning at 7:15 via the crappiest-airline-of-all-time (but cheapest) = SPIRIT and went straight to work. I am useless. Absolutely grumptacular and so tired and hungry…
BUT! Despite the raging hunger, drowsiness and hideousness I am exuding on the outside, internally I cant WAIT to get some hot food pics uploaded on this little blog and tell some yummy stories about the absolutely, drop-dead glorious food we had over our 4 day weekend in Cali. 4 day weekend in Cali?! Heh, I know.. but it was the longest 4 days of our lives. In the best sense. We arent the weekenders/vacationers or what have you that like to “relax” and “sleep in” when we go somewhere new together. We like to be at it early in the a.m. and see and eat and go and do allllllll day! I feel this is important when only spending limited amount of days in one place.
So, basically we filled 4 days morning and night of tours, food, sunshine, beach and touring SoCal. Cant wait to show some FOOD!

enjoy your….jetlag? eesh…


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