“all we do is eat”

Our trip to Houston was nice. My dad got married on New Years Day and it was such a great wedding/ceremony/reception. I couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds – Congratulations!

Love you Dad & Lisa! The cake was OUTTA CONTROL AMAZING. Our cake was good but this was the moistest cake. Ugh.

I had to try each flavor so they brought me three pieces, special request. 🙂

The plethora of finger foods at the wedding.

Houston is a food mecca. Seriously. Every 10 feet there’s some sort of eatery. So every time we go to Houston, “all we do is eat,” Shayne says. Yes, true. All we do when we go to Houston is eat. It’s a foodie field trip for me. I get to indulge in all things that I miss and love. We had Whataburger, home-cooked BBQ (thanks MIKE!), James Coney Island, Shipley’s Donuts, homemade crawfish etoufee, La Madeleine and House of Pies.

I took Shayne to JCI for his first time and we both got the #1, Houstonian, 2 chili-cheese dogs and fries. As we were both eating our empty-calorie, garbage I asked Shayne, “So, how is it?” He responded, “Eh, its alright.” First of all, Shayne really doesn’t get overly excited about anything. He’ll get stoked if I make something he likes or let him help me cook but… he doesn’t “Mmmm!!!!” at the dinner table. I was trying to explain in so many words that, yeah, the food sucks but its really not about the food. Its just the memories I have there. My dad would pick me up from school and take me to JCI and I’d get the same thing, every…single…time. Hanging out with him after school is what I like to go back there to remember. And that’s really part of the reason why we go to Houston and “all we do is eat.” 🙂


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