on the road…

We are on the road (or in the sky, I guess) again! This is our last (hopefully) trip on a plane outta state for awhile. Our next vacay will be in May.. and hopefully we will be gone longer than just 4 days. *hint, hint* 🙂
The husband and I will be on our way to sunny L.A. after work tomorrow evening to soak up some beautiful SoCal sun and eat some delish West coast fare. This will be his first trip out west and we are soooo excited to celebrate his birthday with one of our bestest friends.
I have picked out some yummy spots to eat, of course 🙂 On our last flight home from Houston we were watching the Travel Channel, Man v. Food. He was in none other than, L.A., getting his eat on at some ridiculously awesome looking places. He stopped at a place called Philippe’s, famous for their French dip sandwiches….. I am dyyyyying to go. I have linked the website so you salivate right along with me. (…and they have the baddest little website!) We also have The Reel Inn, in Malibu, set in our sights after our Getty Villa museum tour Thursday morning. Check that place out, fish tacos, yes please!
I would also like to make it to Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills (although their website seems to have been hacked – so I will not include linkage here….), Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant in Los Angeles. Matsuhisa has restaurants with actor Robert De Niro worldwide. I am hoping to score a table for four this weekend. 🙂 Wish us luck!
We will also be grubbing down on the local favs…ya know.. In-N-Out….:)
Hopefully I will have tons of sexy food pics when we return. Except… I took my dead camera (ya know the one I HAVENT been using… instead you’ve been squinting at mobile uploaded pics?) to Camera Clinic this morning and they told me to order the new lens it needs and repair the damn thing, it would be $250. 😦 Kinda not worth what the camera was to begin with so I dont particularly think I’ll be using that camera anymore………… which means I need a new one………… which is too expensive, as well. Which means I will have to stoop to the lowest of the lows and commit pure blasphemy and buy a Kodak one-time-use camera. 😦 …and attempt sexy food pics with that??! Ugh.

Be prepared.

Once again, we are in travel mode and no good eats to report this week.

OH, but however! I have a food FAIL from last night. I was totally disgusted with what I made… let me tell the tale. Sunday morning we woke up in our friend’s time share and right in front of me was a big TV with cable! I, of course, immediately turn on the Food Network. (OK, has anyone seen that crazy restaurant chef lady with the blonde spikey hair, who always tastes her food and says, “mm, beautiful!!” HA. What a goon. Ok so the next show was this girl who makes 5 ingredient meals. Hm. OK… She started making this Antipasti salad of romaine, julienne basil, chopped marinated artichokes (with oil), Italian salami and cubed mozzarella. I was toooootally into. Loving all the ingredients. So, that is what I attempted last night, minus the basil because I forgot to buy some. Basically, I hated it and didn’t eat it. I am blaming the artichokes because we bought a small little jar of them for 1.99….. I’m assuming those weren’t ideal. I didn’t even take a picture, I was pissed. So we then went to Publix and bought some Key Lime pie and I ate a piece of pie and had mango-passion fruit tea for dinner. (BTW – for you’re pissed that dinner sucked, definitely go get a pie from Publix) 🙂

Here’s to sunny days in Cali! Adios!


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