i love snacks: fat kid treats

I admit. I have a serious snacking problem. OK, wait, I take that way back. My husband is a way bigger snacker. Yes! He likes to snack after we eat dinner.. only he enjoys chips, crackers and everything salty, I love sweets. Yes, bloggies, I have the biggest sweet teeth EVER.

I am all about sweets and treats and fattening foods. In fact, one of my husband’s terms of endearment and nicknames for my snack-time is “fat kid treats.” I’m having a fat kid treat moment and eating my snackies as I sit here at work.

Check me out!:

Chocolatey Drizzle…….mmmmm. I just stuffed two in my mouth at once, so there! The good thing is, a whole bag is only 90 cals. And we got two boxes at Publix in the BOGO free bins. (I LOVE those!!!)

..enjoy your snacks!

(I just finished them off and scarfed down the chocolatey drizzley crumbs at the bottom of the bag. 90 calories never tasted so good. Yum!)


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