about last night…

Since I cant exactly tackle the kitchen during my lunch hour, I put all my energy and haste into making yummy dinners. I am soooooooooo exhausted from the traveling we’ve been doing but so thankful we are able to do it. However! It puts a damper on weeknight dinners. Monday we had half-baked baked potatoes (they always take too g-d long) and I made myself some honey mustard-dill salmon and Shayne had a bowl of chili.

Yesternight I was craving fish again and as an “appetizer” we picked up some Publix sushi. I have been eyeing it for WEEKS! Literally. I go over, peek over the fridge and attentively check out the rolls. And I finally took the plunge and bought one little case. They are actually super yummy. I recommend!
Moving right along with our main course, keeping with the seafood trend. I steamed clams and mussels and made a sort-of buttery wine sauce. (I was going for beurre blanc but 86’d that after I was too lazy to let everything simmer and reduce and realized we had no creme fraiche). We had shellfish, asparagus, angel hair pasta and faux-beurre blanc with tons of parsley (Why? I dont know. I got carried away)
I highly recommend preparing this for an elegant dinner you need to prep and cook very quickly. The shellfish, obviously, take no time at all. Preheat oven to 350, boil water with salt and a shot of white wine and while your noodles cooking, put the asparagus (lightly covered with olive oil) in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes. Steam the shellfish in a big ol’ pot and when everything else is looking like done, steam away until they open. And done.

Shayne has an eye for things some times. While perusing Publix, I mentioned we needed white wine. As I was crouching in front of the yogurt aisle looking for creme fraiche, he was digging for gold and found some! Verdejo. A wine grape from Spain which produces exquisite white wine (as well as red). We first enjoyed Verdejo at Sra. Martinez in Miami (read all about our experience, HERE). It was light, refreshing and had a sweet, honey fragrance. Just the kind of wine I love my husband for remembering in the grocery store from “that time we ate at…” and buying. 🙂

enjoy your…mussels.


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