I am here food blog. Just…not.. We are moving and life has been crazy busy and stressful and I am wrecked today and sore from painting all weekend and I have blister on my hands 😦 Wah, wah wah!

We have been eating randomly and nothing great except a nice restaurant we went to in Lake Worth on Saturday tooootally made that crazy day worth it. It was an unexpected great lunch, actually. We thought it was going to be a take-out seafood kinda place but it is quite the contrary! The place is Fritter’s. And I can tell from the menu, whoever dreamed up that joint…def. went to culinary school because it’s all about the sauces there. We ordered a fritter sampler as an appetizer, which boasts 6 fritters of your choice. You can choose from conch, crab, shrimp, corn.. We opted for corn and crab, served with a side of honey and a lime-cilantro sauce for the crab. We also shared the shrimp po-boy and that came with a side sauce that I cannot remember right now but it wasn’t a traditional remoulade. Just a delightful little lunch… makes me happy to think about it now 😀

Good news? We have access to ..not one… but TWO Rita’s near our new place.


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