that time of year..

I am in looooove with the holidays. Love all the movies, music (especially!), family… and could we even forget… the glorious FOOD. I am very excited for the upcoming holidays and even more so because in just a few days we are flying home to my hometown. Yay 🙂 Lots of food to be enjoyed there, one thing Texas is far from short on is food. While the rest of the world starves, Texans are only getting fatter. 🙂
Bring on the Tex-Mex and pumpkin pie! Yessss!
Now I have to face the fire and get back to my food blogging. Like seriously. Yeah it’s kinda fallen by the way side because my camera went kaput. But! I do have a recent photo.
We are eating light this week due to our travel but tonight we are having either baked potatoes (hah, surprise!) or MorningStar chicken patties (had to try them).
I just got the recent Rachael Ray (seriously, dont hate) and have really gotten into her recipes that are under $10. Realistically, they are not under $10. If you don’t have any of the ingredients and feeding just 2 people…not under $10. You buy up all the stuff and you end up with slimy parsley and a whole jar of pickled jalapeños that sit in your fridge because lets face it, you’re NEVER gonna use.

Well my mission was obviously clear: find a recipe with ingredients we already have. (‘member that whole blog post? ahhh!) Like a melon in a pumpkin patch, there was the perfect recipe in her latest mag. And super easy and was a bona fide 30-minute meal. Took me less time, in fact.
And what we had was a yummy, healthy, hearty meal:

Couscous with chicken, broccoli, raisins & sliced almonds
….super easy, and I’m going to make this quick: cook one box of couscous (according to directions *but* with chicken stock, not water!), season & cook 1 lb. skinless, boneless chicken breast in a large saucepan. remove from pan and shred with the back of a fork. add cut up broccoli, one cup chicken stock to pan and cook until broccoli is tender. add couscous and chicken to pan and stir. toss in 1/2 cup of raisins. serve with sliced almonds on top. voila!

Thanks Rach!

I won’t be in blogger-mode at all this week. I will be visiting friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday but expect a Texas-sized (hah) update when I get back.
Happy Thanksgiving!! and happy cooking & eating!!

enjoy your turkeys!



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