Ah! My camera is dunzo!!!! 😦 I dont know what happened. Its turning on and off and focusing by itself. Super nonproductive for this blog thing I have going here. I will proceed to totally stoop to a new low and show you pictures of food that I have now had to take with my: phone. 😦

I have not blogged in DAYS! Ahh!! 😦 So sad.

I didn’t cook that much over the weekend: Brandy Burridge Photography crashed at our place so they could shoot a wedding in West Palm Beach.

Tuesday night I made chicken fried steak, cornbread and black-eyed peas. (Besides chicken fried chicken…my fav dinner EVER. Please serve this when I am on my death bed. Thanks!) This wasn’t my infamous cfs. I usually use tons-o-buttermilk when making this dish but I had none. So I had to sub heavy cream. But, it came out just as good… I guess… Ok, it didnt. At all.

But one thing I do love now and I never even had thought of dreaming up before was the whole black-eyed peas, mayonnaise, onions, cornbread concoction. Awhile back at my husband’s dad’s house, we were all sitting around the ol’ picnic table about to dig into our dinner, when along comes B outta the house with the weirdest looking crap on her plate. The weird crap was, in fact, a goopy mixture of black-eyed peas, a heaping scoop of mayonnaise with onions and crumbled cornbread on top. Not being a food snob, I totally tried it and kinda loved it. From then on… I can be seen shoveling the mess on occasion, with my chicken fried steak. And can’t forget the sliced tomato. (Which we totally had and is not pictured.) And what’s also missing is cream gravy. 😦 Oh well… I kinda pulled this dinner outta my butt anyway.


See? Very delish. And you can only use Duke’s, of course. πŸ™‚

enjoy your meals…



2 thoughts on “o.em.gee!

  1. i mean i really enjoyed our chicken cordon bleu via the frozen section of your local family supermarket…but i would have LOVED to have me some yummy cornbread, black-eyes, mayo and onions… 😦 maybe next time?)

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