the lazy cook

This week has been uncharacteristically low key in our kitchen. I think dragging our butts in from a 10-hour drive at 11 p.m. Sunday night has plagued us with weary-syndrome thats carried well into the week, almost to the end. And rent was due on the 1st so our funds have dwindled. No truffles or filet mignon…hmph.

Monday was a dud – had some pizza. (Heh, we all get a little lazy sometimes). So, Tuesday started the week. I actually didn’t make an official menu, per say… just kinda moseyed around Publix, thinking of things we have and don’t have at home and came up with some improv items. One thing I am trying to work on is utilizing what we already have. I have a tendency to always want to get more or newer and fresher without thinking of the stuff we already have and can totally use. I get a little carried away with trying to invent something fabulous and different to eat every night that most things go to waste before using half of it. Shame on me! ..Workin’ on it.

After assessing the fridge situation, we had leftover flour tortillas, spinach and honey mustard dressing, so I decided to make wraps. Really, no need for applause here. It was pretty amateur. Publix has this awesome fried chicken and I really love their plump chicken tenders on occasion, and our favorite way to eat them is in wraps. Spinach, honey mustard, diced tomato, chicken and s&p in a tortilla. There it is. Dinner.


Last night we had veggie burgers. I have never had a veggie burger, or any other “faux” burger. I’ve never eaten that Morningstar stuff… but have always been a little curious. It’s a little slimy right outta the box but once you slap it in a pan and saute it for a couple minutes, it’s …actually…pretty… good. I sliced sweet potatoes and made oven fries – also one of my favs – sprinkled with cinnamon, paprika, s&p. Once again, that leftover spinach made an appearance and the sliced tomato.


…And right after that we watched Food, Inc. which, thank heavens it was a veggie burger.. or else I would have been barfing. I cant even tell you how super irritated I got watching that movie. I can’t believe what we’ve been eating! (ALL of us!..yes you, even the healthiest of healthys! You’ve eaten some form of government garbage too!) I need a farmer’s market NOW. Or I need my own farm… far, far away from the grasp of any Monstana reps.

What’s wearing me out right now is not that the weekend is 3 hours away but that I am absolutely clueless as to what we’re having for dinner. …Macee took a peak into the fridge, not a lot of options. Ahh!


We still have spinach left… all else fails… 🙂

enjoy your spinach…


One thought on “the lazy cook

  1. I’m right there with you about the food we’re eating! We also watched Food, Inc. around the same time as you. We have a farmer’s market here every Friday, but I haven’t gone yet. Need to get on that. We grow our herbs, but need to grow more veggies. Love your Publix chicken wrap idea. I, too, was very surprised at how tasty veggie burgers were 🙂 Miss ya!

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