le menu

I was out of town all weekend. No cooking (barely eating) šŸ™‚ But last night we refocused and in like a record time of 5 minutes, I made our menu for the week before we ran to the store. Ok, so it lacks the flare of last week’s burgundy, and its all a little easy, but we wont be eating at home but 3 nights this week . I whipped through my cookbooks and came up with an okay menu. I think last week I was really trying to buff up my blog or something. This week I am going to relax a bit…

Last night (no pictures or recipe, sowwie!) was steak and chicken fajitas with my favorite taco garnish (usually on carnitas but I love it on any!)**: a sprinkle of onions and cilantro and squeeze of lime**. YUM. So fresh and simple. I marinated the flank steak (which I cut super thin) in lime juice, tangerine juice, fresh garlic & salt and pepper. I wish we would have had time to marinate longer but.. I was vewy hungry. The corn tortillas I bought were so thick and obnoxious (ugh!), 2 tacos and I was dunzo.

P1010334** – just had to show how wonderful this garnish is –

Usually Shayne’s night to cook for me is Monday, but I made the fajitas so tonight he’s dazzling me with grilled shrimp kabobs -with mushrooms, squash, onion & green pepper – The shrimp is marinating in a white wine, citrus vinaigrette as I type. Mmm. Can’t wait. Dunno what we’re having with. Maybe some corn… or something I have in the pantry.

And lastly, Wednesday we’re having -I can’t remember what the official “name” – thin chicken breasts in tarragon mustard covered in honey-mustard pretzels (uhh, yeah?!) with polenta I already had šŸ™‚ I only had to buy 3 ingredients for this. I’ll post this really easy recipe as soon as I “test” it Wednesday . It’s from that Bride & Groom cookbook šŸ™‚

So, there you have it. The whole (kinda) week’s dinners planned out… now onto more important matters..like getting back to work!

*enjoy your meals…


One thought on “le menu

  1. i am in love with your blog…i want to do it too…except i work until midnight and more importantly i dont have a computer….


    when i write things do you pick out all my mispellled words and punctuation errors? because i find it difficult to leave comments because i think you do LOL

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