nobody likes you when you’re 23

Ahhh I made it another year! 🙂
Not that I would go on and on about my birthday without mentioning some sort of food… It’s only 10:20 a.m. and I haven’t had a bite to eat but I have already gotten a (top 5 best) birthday present… My wonderful friend, Beth (who is from Boston and can be heard asking if she can get jimmie’s on her ice cream**), heard me laughing hysterically (not kidding) in the office at my 60″ Mac computer screen. She must’ve thought I was really retarded. Those who know me are no stranger to my boisterous laughs but I could tell she was probably getting annoyed. I told her I was looking at “Cake Wrecks.” I tried to explain and even showed her the site.. she chuckled but it was I who really got a kick out of this. I even showed my other coworker who proceeded to entertain my silly charade by clicking along the site with me in (probably) pure anguish. Oh well. I think its g-d hilarious. It may be because I worked at a bakery and have an eye for cake disasters and my empathy is what makes me laugh. And I have been a wrecker myself…although there is no evidence of this wreck I made. Too bad. 😦
So I found out that Cake Wrecks was going on a book tour from my google reader. Book tour! That could only mean they have a freakin book! Yesssssss!!!
So while in my hysterical stuper, Beth got wind of the book and yesterday as I sit here staring at my 60″ screen, a little box from Barnes & Noble sails through the door.
Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong

It is soooooo hilarious. I love Jen Yates’ for doing this and even more, I love that professional bakeries have given people these cakes. For real. My only regret is that I didn’t get my wreck in there! 🙂 But far too many are more wrecktastic than mine.

Love the site. Love the book. Check it out. NOW. 🙂
Thank you sooo much Beth!!!!!! You are so cool!!!!!

(Happy birthday to me! I am also going to Disney World!!!! I love my husband!!!!!)

*enjoy your cakes…


(**jimmie’s (sp?) are sprinkles in yankee slang! how cool is that!)


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