first thing’s first

Buenos noches food blog!

Woo. My first official post as a “foodie” and I can tell this is going to pretty  much only amuse me.  😉
My food blogging consists of short bouts on my “wedding” blog :…  and I knew once I ran a post with brownie picts.. it was time to move the food entries to a new home. While I get myself situated and comfy in this new blog, I’ll start things off with a pic of my wonderful dessert from last night. I give 60% credit to Mrs Brandy Burridge for introducing me to the luscious Italian ice that is, Rita’s. 40% goes to my husband and I’s peaked interest as to what “Rita’s” was next to the Five Guys (for a later blog entry) we frequent.
I am still waiting for a sour flavor… (cherry, raspberry… any of those will do). I have gotten Swedish fish and mango but after asking if they could give me two flavors in one cup, I definitely opted for this creation of side-by-side ice: blue raspberry & mango. Heaven.

But, since making Rita’s runs isnt always in our budget.. I have found a way to enjoy “Italian ice” at home with 2 ingredients and a Magic Bullet (which I received as a bridal shower gift.. THANK YOU LISA!!! I use it ALL the time!!):
C’s makeshift Rita’s
1 cup ice
1 1/2 cup Rose’s cocktail infusions (we like blue raspberry & mango)
Blend in magic bullet and serve. Delicioso!
It may take a few minutes to crush the ice just right so its that melt-on-your-tongue consistency but it’s worth the hassle. 🙂

*enjoy your meals…



3 thoughts on “first thing’s first

  1. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

    I love the tagline…enjoy your meals…still makes me laugh everytime.

    ps i want a magic bullet!

  2. girlie girl, i think the cotton candy rita’s is amazing… so know i’m thinking of making any cocktail mix and putting it in a magic bullet.. you so rock.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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